The current corporate purpose of the Company includes the following activities:

  • Carry out the economic management, pricing and settlement of energy market operations or energy-based products with the exception of day-ahead and intraday markets. 
  • Develop the necessary management instruments for the implementation and operation of energy markets or energy-based products, as well as the corresponding information and support systems.
  • Develop and manage markets for greenhouse gas and other emission rights related to the effects of air pollution, as well as the settlement of the operations carried out in them.
  • Carry out studies and provide information, analysis and monitoring services for the operation of energy markets or energy-based products.
  • Provide services through telematic networks, specifically through the Internet, and all kinds of services related to its activity, and in particular, those of research and consulting in the field of design, development, implementation, maintenance and exploitation of services related to electronic markets, with developments in computer applications and with information, communications, management and business organization.
  • Carry out consulting activities and technical advice in relation to actions, activities and services to be provided in the field of energy markets and energy-based products.
  • Within the previous activities, all auxiliary services and all activities that are necessary or that make it possible to comply with them and are adjusted to law and, in particular, to the regulations that regulate the corresponding markets at all times are understood.

The Company will develop its activities, either through its direct exercise, or through the constitution or participation in companies that develop any of these activities, after obtaining, where appropriate, the authorizations or licenses that are required in accordance with the current legislation.